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Show only recipients which are responsible for this page/mount

Added by Sonja Schubert almost 10 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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If you have a TYPO3 extension with one workspace but a lot of seperate websites, you have the following problem.

As soon as a user sends a change to the next stage, it will get all responsible users for this stage as suggested recipients for the notification mail. In such a big TYPO3 installation this may be a lot of users.

Now it would be nice if workspaces extension would check the responsible users and only suggest these users which are allowed to see this changed element/page/mount. We developed a proof-of-concept solution, which is not nice and core-like developed but works. Maybe it is a basis to discuss and develop a clean/nice solution.

Further we developed a extEMConf option stageChangeHideMatch where it is possible to insert a preg_match which usernames should not be shown as suggested recipients in the stage change popup.

I attached the modified t3x of the workspaces extension with a tested solution. I know that it is not nice to just attach the t3x and do not create patches. I am very sorry but I have no time this week to create these patches, but I will do this later.

Nevertheless some feedback if you like these features in general would be nice.



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Also very nice ... I'll try to extract the patch for you


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