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CSS Styled Content should ship HTML5 by default

Added by Steffen Ritter over 9 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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# Set html5 rendering as default
config {
    doctype = html5
    xmlprologue = none

to CSS Styled Content Templates as of 4.7 (do not touch old ones!)


Updated by Gerrit Code Review over 9 years ago

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Patch set 1 for branch TYPO3_4-7 has been pushed to the review server.
It is available at http://review.typo3.org/9615


Updated by Patrick Broens over 9 years ago

Although this seems very progressive, HTML5 is still a Working Draft and not an official recommendation at W3C. Things might change, as they did during my HTML5 implementation in css_styled_content, and break stuff (although not expected). I advise not to commit this at this point. Also WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA 1.0 are used which are drafts as well.


Updated by Alexander Opitz about 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Under Review to New
  • Target version deleted (4.7.0-beta2)

Patch was abandoned


Updated by Felix Kopp almost 7 years ago

  • Parent task set to #61842

Updated by Riccardo De Contardi almost 7 years ago

Couldn't this be closed?
1. HTML5 is default since 6.0 AFAIK
2. HTML5 has become official recommendation at W3C since Nov.,2014


Updated by Georg Ringer over 6 years ago

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yes resolved


Updated by Benni Mack almost 3 years ago

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