Bug #39339

Page preview is broken in draft workspace with 4.7.2

Added by Alban Cousinie about 9 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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We have upgraded a well configured Typo3 4.5 installation to 4.7.2. Our workspaces used to work fine and were well configured.

But since the upgrade, the page preview no longer works in draft mode and displays a a blank page (but it works fine in live mode). This is very problematic for the editors who don't have live access.

I don't know if this is specific to our installation or if this is a 4.7.2 bug. Can anyone confirm the bug ?


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Updated by Thomas Heilmann about 9 years ago

I cannot confirm this bug in general, but under some circumstances there seem to be problems with the preview. I described them in #39514, could you check if this corresponds to your setup or if you have more general issues?


Updated by Alban Cousinie about 9 years ago

Hello Thomas,

Thanks for the feedback. My installation's lockSSL parameter was set to 0 because of lack of SSL implementation on this server. So it is possible the problem is related to what you describe.

Unfortunately I cannot test switching the value of LockSSL because I have no SSL handy on this server, and also because I downgraded back the client to version 4.5 LTS because I met too many problems with version 4.7.

This problem was one of the worst : most contributors in the worflow have only access to a draft worspace, not to the live worspace. So they could not preview the render of what they had typed before sending it to validation.


Updated by Alban Cousinie about 9 years ago

Hi Thomas,

We finally could get SSL enabled on the server and the problem still remains when using SSL, even on Typo3 4.5.17
This is weird because it used to work perfectly on 4.5

So either there has been a regression which has been patched on a version 4.5 update as well, or the problem could be specific to our server environment. I wish someone could confirm the problem if he faces it.


Updated by Alban Cousinie about 9 years ago


This seems to be related to issue http://forge.typo3.org/issues/34820

As stated in the comments of this issue, a regression for preview links has been introduced in TYPO3 4.5.12


Updated by Alban Cousinie about 9 years ago

I figured out the source of the problem :

If the backend user language is english, the workspace draft preview works OK. If the backend user language is French, the workspace draft preview is broken. updating the language translations to the latest version doesn't fix the bug.

This relates only to when using the preview icon from the contextual menu in the page tree or the eye icon on the page editing panel. If you use the web/view module from the left panel, the page preview shows up.


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Is that still an issue? If yes, under what circumstances (language, page hidden, created, ...)?


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