Bug #42558

Content sliding doesn't work when using 'show content from page'

Added by Victor Oomens about 7 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Hi all,

I have a template setup which uses slided content. However, the slided content disappears when configuring a page showing content from another page (on the appearance tab).

I believe this is a bug. Can anyone comment on this?

Victor Oomens

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Hi Victor,

on which page did you activate "show content from page"?
  • current page (i.e. where the slide starts)
  • the page that should stop the slide (i.e. where the field ain't empty)
  • somewhere in between

Maybe you can provide the relevant part of your TS setup?

#2 Updated by Victor Oomens about 7 years ago

Hi Thorsten,

The page where I applied the 'show content from page' is somewhere in between, because I use infinite sliding.

Here the TS:
lib.featurearea < styles.content.getBorder
lib.featurearea.wrap = <div id="features" class="featured_boxes">|</div>

In the TEMPLATE subparts:
featurearea < lib.featurearea
featurearea.slide = -1

This setup works if show content from page is empty.

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