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Epic #58282: Workspaces Workpackage #2

Story #58284: Bug fixes & Behaviour

Severe Issues with FAL records when in workspaces.

Added by Ron Hall about 10 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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We noticed some severe bugs working with in-line records within workspaces that essentially make workspaces unusable until they are resolved.

At the end of this post, I have a list of steps that will trigger the bugs. It notes how TYPO3 6.1, 6.2 and 6.2 with TV are affected. I also have a short video that will show the behavior clearly.

Inline records in workspaces have been an issue for some time, but the addition of FAL makes it worse because now even basic image content elements are broken. There are similar FAL problems in 6.1, but in terms of how it presents itself to the user in 6.2 it is worse.

Steps to Reproduce ==================

1) Create an image CE on the live site with 2 images inside of it.
2) Switch to a workspace, open the image CE, change the header and save.
3) Open the live page in a separate browser.
4) Open the workspace preview.

Bug #1 - Live and workspace each show both original and workspace record, duplicating the images
6.2 Intro: Bug exists.
6.1 Intro: Not a bug, but the workspace preview is probably showing live.
6.2 TV: The live site is correct. The workspace shows both original and workspace.

5) Delete image 1 from the CE. Note that the child record disappears.
6) Save the CE and reload the form.

BUG #2 - Deleted child elements are still visible, with no visual change to indicate they are deleted.
6.2 Intro: Bug exists
6.1 Intro: Not a bug
6.2 TV: Bug exists

7) Open page on live site and workspace preview after deleting image 1.

BUG #3: Deleted child elements are still visible in workspace preview (may be the same as BUG #1)
6.2 Intro: Bug exists
6.1 Intro: Bug exists.
6.2 TV: Live is still ok. Workspace exhibits same bug

8) Add a new image in the workspace

BUG #4: Newly created child elements are duplicated and visible on live site immediately (may be the same as BUG #1)
6.2 Intro: Bug exists
6.1 Intro: Changes are not visible on live site (good) or on workspace (bad)
6.2 TV: After adding a new element, duplicates are shown for both original images and new image on the live site and in the workspace preview.

9) Close the CE and look at the preview within the page module (still in the workspace).
10) Leave the workspace and look at the preview within the page module.

BUG #5: Page module thumbnails are incorrect
6.2 Intro: Bug exists
6.1 intro: Thumbnails reflect the live site
6.2 TV: Bug exists

12) Publish the changes.
13) Open the page on the live site.

BUG #6: Unchanged content elements are duplicated upon publishing
6.2 Intro: Bug exists
6.1 Intro: Not a bug
6.2 TV: Bug exists

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Is duplicate of TYPO3 Core - Task #43916: File Repository does not work with WorkspacesClosedBenni Mack2012-12-12


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