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Access-Module for Non-Admins

Added by Martina Ahlswede over 7 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Since TYPO3 6.0 there is no possibility to give the access module to normal users, only admins can access the access module. The change was introduced with #41229.

Is there any plan to revert it and to make the access module accessible for normal users again?

We believe that there is no better possibility to give other users access to the pages. We have about 150 installations where chief editors administrate the users through tc_beuser and give them the access to the pages they should work on. To give those chief editors full admin rights just because of the access module is no opportunity for us. There must be some kind of access module to the pages, which can be used by normal users.
Handling the access to pages through TypoScript is also no opportunity, because we need something a normal user can do, not something advanced, which needs a lot of training and is probably only for admins.

Working with different mountpoints to prevent access to pages is not the best idea, because there can be different groups, who share one mountpoint. For example in a multi-domain-installation, there is the mountpoint for the domain, but within the mountpoint three groups are acting: the chief editor, who can edit everything, the department A, responsible for all pages of department A and the department B, responsible for all pages of department B. These pages can be all over the pagetree, not strictly separated. Also we believe that the menu of the website can’t be strictly separated through user rights, because there should be the possibility to create the menu for the needs of the visitors, not as a copy of the internal structures.

What are the plans for the access to pages?

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