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FAL relation + flexform config: Use full setting path as name

Added by Christian Weiske almost 4 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Multiple FAL relations in a single flexform do not work if the fields have the same name, but different path (through nesting).

This leads to bugs like
- fluidpages #285: Page configuration: <flux:field.inline.fal> value duplicated for subpage config
- flux #759: inline.fal in a form.container

@NamelessCoder described the problem as follows:

The situation is that the FAL relation field types were initially created for purely record relations, and the support for using the same field in a FlexForm context is more of an afterthought; an adaptation that allows the field to store at least basic relations when used in a FlexForm.

Technically, the issue is that when you save a record that has a FlexForm with a FAL field, the FAL relation is stored using the field name without considering the nesting which means that all your relations have the field name image after they're saved. Of course, when you reload the form, the methods that pre-fill the FAL relation fields are then detecting the same relation in all fields.

The solution would be to parse the nesting structure of the FlexForm when determining which field name to use when the relation is stored in the database. This would allow TYPO3 to store a field name like settings.foreground.image in your case, rather than simply image. If the method that renders the field is then also capable of determining the same (I believe this needs to be added) the puzzle should be solved, allowing any combination of nested FAL/IRRE fields inside and outside FlexForms in the same way.


#1 Updated by Christian Kuhn almost 4 years ago

confirmed. that is the reason why irre in section containers can not work. a solution has a rather high impact and will not be done in 7 anymore.

#2 Updated by Christian Kuhn almost 4 years ago

this is imho not a regression in 7: inline in container sections never worked before, right? a solution is relatively complex as claus pointed out already, will not happen in 7 anymore.

#3 Updated by Christian Weiske almost 4 years ago

Yes, that did not work before.

#4 Updated by Philipp Kerling over 2 years ago

Is this being considered for TYPO3 8? It severely impacts the practicability of file references with IRRE imho.

#5 Updated by Gregor Nathanael Meyer over 2 years ago

So is this fixed in TYPO3 8?

FAL is great, nesting in FlexForm is great, that one cannot use FAL for images in nested FlexForm sections/objects is and was always really annoying. :/

#6 Updated by Susanne Moog 7 months ago

  • Category changed from File Abstraction Layer (FAL) to FormEngine aka TCEforms

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