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File list: Upload files from URLs via Drag and Drop

Added by Christian Weiske almost 5 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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It should be possible to drop an image from another browser window onto the file list upload area. TYPO3 should then download the image from the dropped URL and handle it like a normal file upload.


Updated by Riccardo De Contardi almost 3 years ago

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Updated by Benni Mack 9 months ago

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This sounds like ... wild... mainly because there are so many browser restrictions nowadays in place to deal with "isolation" = no interaction between browser tabs and domains. How would you consider achieving this? Do you have a PoC?


Updated by Bjoern Jacob 9 months ago

Sounds wild to me as well. But I've seen a couple of modern UIs allowing to "paste" copied images. Tools like Discourse and YouTrack implemented such a function. It behaves as follow:

  • You are on any web page and copy an image, e.g. by clicking on the image and choosing "Copy image" from the context menu.
  • You are now heading to your TYPO3 BE, open a CE and press in some way "insert" (via keyboard shortcut, context menu and so on.
  • The image is inserted into the CE.

Since this is kinda nice for the above mentioned tools I see some problems for our TYPO3 BE. We do not allow/ want to insert images in the RTE area. Instead we are having a dedicated "field" for it to create sys_file_references. Let's assume, inserting the copied image via the mentioned process creates such a sys_file_reference. There would still be the problem with the storage. To which storage do we add the images? To which folder? What would be the name? What happens if the image is already there.

I still like the idea of pressing CMD/ STRG + V to paste an asset with no hazzle. I am using it quite often within the other tools but I see some problems within our UI.

What do you guys think?


Updated by Benni Mack 8 months ago

Looks like we'd need some kind of JavaScript API to handle this. If possible we need to evaluate this first.


Updated by Susanne Moog 8 months ago

I like Björns idea, I would just adjust it a bit to avoid some problems: Pasting is like uploading -> so I'd allow that everywhere, where the drag uploader is used / displayed.

Should be possible using https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50427513/html-paste-clipboard-image-to-file-input

could look / feel a bit like https://innostudio.de/fileuploader/ (Ajax Example)


Updated by Susanne Moog 8 months ago

a good possibility might be https://uppy.io/


Updated by Bjoern Jacob 8 months ago

Hey Susi, thanks for your input and the links. Love the uppy.io solution. Kinda fancy with all of the different and modern sources. Rocks!

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