Bug #79127

Responsive LiveSearch toolbar item is rendered no matter access restriction

Added by Soren Malling 3 months ago.

Status:New Start date:2017-01-01
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Category:Backend User Interface
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TYPO3 Version:8 Complexity:
PHP Version:7.0 Is Regression:No
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This is a result of a rather large work on trying to make the TYPO3 backend custom for a project.

The backend layout file Main.html (EXT:backend/Resources/Private/Templates/Backend/Main.html) contains a rendering of a LiveSearchToolbarItem even though a person might not have access

<button class="topbar-button topbar-button-search t3js-topbar-button-search">
  <core:icon identifier="actions-search" alternativeMarkupIdentifier="inline" />

This causes the search to be printed in responsive view. Since you don't have access to the toolbar item (checkAccess() method from ToolbarItemInterface) you don't get a printed LiveSearch to use.

Solution suggestion

This part of ToolbarItem rendering (including the User Settings wrench icon) could be grouped into a viewhelper to render avaialble toolbar items. Perhaps introduce a rendering API for such things (a section in Fluid, or whatever ways the rendering of the backend is going)

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