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Improve SEO for f:widget.paginate

Added by Georg Ringer over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Updated by Richard Haeser over 2 years ago

I want to check the best practices of pagination with some people. The noindex,follow option was "hot" for a while, but it seems that Google is nog crawling these pages anymore after they have been on noindex for a while. So you don't benefit from the links any more.

So need to be confirmed with some statistic data if we want that.


Updated by Simon Schmidt over 2 years ago

I good post concerning this tpoic from Yoast: https://yoast.com/pagination-seo-best-practices/

I think we have to use the prev/next tag, set the robots tag to index, follow, noarchive and set the canonical tag for all pagination pages to the main page (first page without any parameter).
There are 2 reasons to to so:
1. A noindex in robots tags yields to the fact, that google will not crawl the site.
2. If I set the canonical tag to the first page, we will not index any other pagination pages. Therefore the content on each pagination page can be different by the time (new articles, the editor change the sorting, ...)

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