Bug #88173

Rootline of non-translated subpage isn't built using translated slugs

Added by Josef Glatz 9 months ago. Updated 10 days ago.

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Calling a subpage in an alternative language which itself was not translated makes the parent pages (pages in the rootline to this subpage) using the default language slug values although these are translated.

  • From my perspective this feels like a bug
  • From the perspective of an upgrade from =< TYPO3 8.7 with RealUrl this issue makes real troubles from an SEO perspective (at least if you have many sub-/pages or many translations where it makes no sense to manually translate the affected subpages)
  • I wonder if this is a mistake of the editor who doesn't translated all pages due the fact, that some of the default language pages are already have the same wording as a translated page (they used english for some pages in the default language german))


It affects a webpage which I upgraded from 7.6 to 8.7 to 9.5
  1. where the URL of a non-translated subpage in language-uid 1 was domain.at/en/publications/working-papers/detail-working-paper/<andManyOtherExtbaseDetailPluginParameters>/
  2. and is now (in TYPO3 9.5 with the Core's routing mechanisms)

Pagetree overview

- publikationen (translated page; slug field value of translated page: @publications@
  |- working-papers (translated page; slug field value of translated page: @working-papers@)
    |- detail-working-paper (non-translated page)

What did I expect?

If the subpage isn't translated, the translated slugs of their parent pages up the rootline are built from their translated slug values.



  • Clearify if the actual behaviour is on purpose
  • Possibly change the actual behaviour if it's somehow a bug

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #89213: Automatic slug generation for TCA "slug" ignores language fallbacks Resolved 2019-09-20


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At a guess this is on purpose, as the slug for the subpage is not only the "segment" as you know it from realurl but the full URL - you actually are on the non-translated page with the slug "publikationen/working-papers/detail-working-paper/" - if you edit that page (or any page for that matter) you see that you can edit that full segment and not only the last part.

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I think this is resolved with #89213

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Closing this for now. If you still have problems, Josch, then please re-open the ticket.

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