Bug #88311

Access does not set all necessary rights

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On TYPO3 9.5.6 there is the following issue:
When I copy pages (from one subsite to another) and then set a new user and usergroup, the new user cannot edit the page.
Inspecting the case, I saw that in the "pages" entry, when setting rights, there is a problem with perms_userid and perms_groupid.

In my situation, I copied pages from our French subsidiary to the Spanish and changed all French content to Spanish with the idea that the Spanish editor will do all translations.
After copying the pages, I called the "access" tool and set the rights to the "Spanish" usergroup and to the "bfa" user.
However the perms_userid instead kept my administrative user (id 191) instead of the "bfa" (401) one.

There was no way I could fix the issue using the backend.

However when I inspected the database, I saw that perms_groupid and perms_userid were not correctly set.
And when I set the perms_userid to 401 and the perms_groupid to 99 the local editor was able to edit the pages.

I assume the "Access" tool has a bug when setting the rights accordingly.

Best regards,


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Would you be so kind as to write down a small step by step guide on how to reproduce this on an empty v9 installation?
So, which groups to create, what TSconfig options did you set, etc.

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