Bug #93033

Language switch missing for file metadata records

Added by Sebastian Michaelsen 3 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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When editing file metadata records (sys_file_metadata), the language switch is missing.

From my observations the switch was there in v8 and is gone in v10.

According to xdebug the EditDocumentController->getLanguages() always determines English is the only available language for sys_file_metadata on pid 0.
The file list however has a different logic. From there metadata can be translated into any system language (FileList->getAvailableSystemLanguages()).


2020-12-22_17-22.png (8.73 KB) 2020-12-22_17-22.png Mathias Brodala, 2020-12-22 16:22
2020-12-22_17-23.png (7.56 KB) 2020-12-22_17-23.png Mathias Brodala, 2020-12-22 16:22

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Updated by Sebastian Michaelsen 3 months ago

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Updated by Mathias Brodala 2 months ago

In fact translation of records on pid=0 is not possible anymore, e.g. sys_category.

When trying to translate file metadata through the file list module, an error occurs:


Updated by Mathias Brodala 2 months ago

Sorry, my fault: I actually forgot to add the sys_language record in this instance.

Still, there is no language selector anymore as mentioned here.


Updated by Mathias Brodala 2 months ago

In any case translation of files is still possible through the File list module. This also makes it necessary to go back when editing multiple file metadata translations.


Updated by Mathias Brodala 2 months ago

  • Related to Task #85930: Add API for Site resolving added

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