Bug #24916

"Show Page" in contextmenu results in new browser window

Added by Christian Nölle over 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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The link "show page" in the right-click menu of the pagetree is resulting in a new browser window beeing opened up. The "show page" button aside the other buttons in a page detail view is opening up a new tab in the browser.

User could find that inconsistent, two behaviours for the same thing.

Futhermore the pop-up blocker of the browser will prevent that windows from opening. The new tab will mostly work without adding the BE domain to a whitelist.
(issue imported from #M17431)


17431.diff (532 Bytes) 17431.diff Administrator Admin, 2011-02-03 16:45

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Updated by Sven Juergens over 10 years ago

hi Christian,

i had the same "problem", can you test the attached patch ? "Show Page" should now open again in a tab, not a new window.

After adding patch you must clean your browser cache.


Updated by Christian Nölle over 10 years ago

I will check that out later on.


Updated by Christian Nölle over 10 years ago

Looks good. Is working for me.


Updated by Simon Schaufelberger over 10 years ago

I was digging a bit deeper into this issue and found out that the problem is this function:
function openUrlInWindow(url,windowName) { //
regularWindow = window.open(
return false;

in typo3/js/backend.js

As long as there are no third parameters in window.open, everything works well but in this case all typical browsers open another window.

The second thing is that the target window name is not the same in pagetree as in the main content window.

right now we have: "typo3ContextMenuView" but in the main window we have "newTYPO3frontendWindow". This results into 2 independent windows/tabs.

The possibilities: remove the parameters from the function above and rename typo3ContextMenuView to newTYPO3frontendWindow or use the patch and change the window names there.


Updated by Stefan Galinski about 10 years ago

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rev 10634 (4.5)

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