Feature #53992

Make it possible to change the backend layout for page type "system folder"

Added by Jost Baron almost 7 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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This would make sense since system folders can be used to store shared content elements.

Actually, this already possible by changing the page type to "Standard page", set the correct layout and then switch the page type back to "folder".

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Duplicated by TYPO3 Core - Bug #68534: Sysfolder should show backend_layout fields Closed 2015-07-25

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Revision d60237c5 (diff)
Added by Georg Ringer about 5 years ago

[TASK] Show backend_layout fields also for sys folders

Even though folders are not visible in the frontend it is useful to have
the backend layouts available for this page type.

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#1 Updated by Georg Ringer almost 7 years ago

this is not only useful for elements on the page but also if you use the sysfolder als container for other pages and want to define a layout for the next pages.

#2 Updated by Philipp Gampe almost 7 years ago

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I am not sure if changing this globally makes much sense. In most cases, storage folders contain records that do not need columns.

You can always change the pallets for your local installation in case you need different fields in a certain type.

#3 Updated by Jost Baron almost 7 years ago

Hi Philipp,

storage folders should have the ability to store records that use columns. Use cases:

1. If the folder is not meant to contain content elements, it should show no columns when opened in the page module.
2. If the folder contains content elements that do not need to be in a specific column (use case: Default content for some column), that should be reflected in the backend layout (only one column named "content").

I can imagine more use cases. I don't want to use standard pages for this, since pages can be rendered in the frontend.

Also, things like this (how to use folders) should IMO be decided by the integrator, since such flexibility is what makes Typo3 so great.


#4 Updated by Alexander Opitz over 6 years ago

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