Bug #20611

deprecated function in class.nusoap.php in TYPO3 v.4.3alpha3

Added by David Bruchmann over 12 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Info of PHP 5.3:
Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in ...\typo3\mod\tools\em\class.nusoap.php on line 5440

(issue imported from #M11320)

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Updated by Marcus Krause over 12 years ago

I'm curious; how did you stumble over this issue? Did TYPO3 actually executed this code?

I'm asking as there was a discussion recently about removing nusoap completely.


Updated by David Bruchmann over 12 years ago

I just turned on some debugging, that's all.
PHP did show the hint on several frames in BE.


Updated by Steffen Kamper over 12 years ago

this is strange. There is no call, the only occurance i found is here:
// Avoid autoloading "soapclient", since it's only a strategy check here:
$content = (!defined('SOAP_1_2') && class_exists('soapclient', false)) ? base64_encode($infoArr['content']) : $infoArr['content']; // bug in NuSOAP - no automatic encoding

in class.em_terconnection.php

But there is no reference to the nusoap class. To be sure i renamed the file and tested EM again, without any error.
Why don't we remove this file?


Updated by Marcus Krause about 12 years ago

Actually, I made an effort to remove nosoap completely in #19791. See also core list.
@see http://lists.netfielders.de/pipermail/typo3-team-core/2009-January/022233.html


Updated by Franz Holzinger almost 12 years ago

This warning is shown in the EM's list of extensions.


Updated by Benni Mack almost 12 years ago

Does this problem still occur with the latest TYPO3 4-3 version?

Please check.


Updated by Stefan Neufeind over 10 years ago

TYPO3 v4.5+ does not ship with nusoap anymore.

Assignment by refernece was fixed for 4.3 between 4.3.0alpha3 and 4.3.0beta1 with:
commit f32a015e4162f2aa39b383e50f88ef342caaac1c
Author: Oliver Hader <>
Date: Fri Sep 18 10:44:02 2009 +0000
Follow-up to bug #11831: Removed reference operator from an object
git-svn-id: https://svn.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Core/trunk@5974 709f56b5-9817-0410-a4d7-c38de5d9e867

- $this->wsdl =& new wsdl($this->wsdlFile,$this->proxyhost,$this->proxyport,$this->proxyusername,$this->proxypassword,$this->timeout,$this->response_timeout);
+ $this->wsdl = new wsdl($this->wsdlFile,$this->proxyhost,$this->proxyport,$this->proxyusername,$this->proxypassword,$this->timeout,$this->response_timeout);


Updated by Xavier Perseguers over 10 years ago

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