Task #38086

Enhance TYPO3 bootstrap mechanism

Added by Oliver Hader almost 8 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Enhance TYPO3 bootstrap mechanism - Umbrella issue for TYPO3 Bootstrap Code Sprint in Hamburg, June 2012


Task #38087: Streamline typo3/classes namingRejectedOliver Hader

Feature #38080: Use dispatcher for tsconfig_help extensionClosedSusanne Moog

Feature #38088: Enhance Bootstrap contextsRejected

Task #38089: Streamline naming of Typo3_BootstrapClosedOliver Hader

Bug #38090: Use dispatcher for cshmanual extensionClosedSusanne Moog

Bug #38092: Move default TYPO3_CONF_VARS from config_default to own fileClosedChristian Kuhn

Bug #38093: Use dispatcher for tstemplate extensionsClosedSusanne Moog

Bug #38096: Use dispatcher for setup extensionClosedSusanne Moog

Bug #38099: Use dispatcher for perm extensionClosedSusanne Moog

Bug #38102: Use dispatcher for opendocs extensionClosedSusanne Moog

Bug #38103: Use dispatcher for filelist extensionClosedSusanne Moog

Bug #38105: Use dispatcher for dbint extensionClosedSusanne Moog

Bug #38109: Use dispatcher for indexed_search extensionClosedSusanne Moog

Task #38121: Use singleton objects for bootstrappingClosedOliver Hader

Task #38122: Move inclusion of ext_tables.php to bootstrap classesClosed

Bug #38124: Load extension configuration in function contextClosedHelmut Hummel

Bug #38126: Load the main configuration file in functional contextClosedHelmut Hummel

Task #38106: Split t3lib/config_default.php code into functionsClosed

Task #38112: Move config_default functions to Bootstrap classesClosed

Task #38128: Remove t3lib/config_defaultClosed

Bug #38132: Move all init.php code in global scope into methodsClosedHelmut Hummel

Bug #38133: Install Tool 123 wizard is brokenClosedHelmut Hummel

Task #38134: Restructure bootstrap classesClosed

Bug #38138: Add module menu object to the TYPO3 backendClosedSusanne Moog

Feature #38233: Add event handling to bootstrap mechanismRejectedOliver Hader

Bug #38445: Bootstrap must check if submodules existRejected

Task #38414: Move temp_CACHED_* files to caching frameworkClosed

Bug #38428: Non-static method Typo3_Bootstrap_BaseSetup::getPathThisScript() should not be called staticallyClosedGeorg Ringer

Bug #38498: Autoloader performance improvementClosedChristian Kuhn

Feature #38562: Refactor localconf.php handlingClosed

Bug #39112: Fix 1-2-3(-4) wizardsClosed

Bug #39111: Fix dbal & workspace install toolClosed

Bug #39110: Fix install tool -> Basic ConfigurationClosed

Task #39134: t3lib_utility_array::arrayExport should recognize int keysClosed

Bug #39135: localconf upgrade wizard should recognize $globals['typo3_conf_vars']Closed

Feature #38954: Add a unique request IDClosedIngo Renner

Bug #38344: Encapsulate bootstrap base codeClosed

Bug #17170: TYPO3 core modules should be adapted for mod.phpClosedBenni Mack

Bug #39224: Adapt to the new localconf handlingClosedHelmut Hummel

Bug #39242: Better isLocalconfWritable handlingClosed

Bug #39241: Deprecate / cleanup t3lib_installClosed


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#2 Updated by Wouter Wolters over 5 years ago

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All sub tickets are resolved. Closed this umbrella ticket.

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