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The ability to just import/fetch/download an extension from the TER without installing it.

Added by Dave no-lastname-given almost 9 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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It would be nice if we could just import/fetch/download an extension from the TER but not automatically install it into a running system. This was possible to do in the old extension manager but not in the extensionmanager version 6.x.x.

I normally check out the contents of an extension myself before installing an extension.
Sometimes new extensions can break a running Typo3 site. Some extension authors have my trust and I may automatically install them, but when I am working with something/someone new I always double check the extension manually by putting my eye quick to the code.

I do this because in Typo3, security auditing of extensions is an after thought, meaning it occurs after an extension has already been publically available in the TER, for that reason alone, automatic installing of extensions does more harm than good.

Automatic installs of extensions DOES NOT allow you to do your own security audit first.
That is a very compelling reason to re-introduce this feature.
It is something you should encourage new Typo3 integrators to be doing.
Security should always trump convenience, if not, you are doing it wrong.

On a side note: sometimes I will download an extension for modification reasons.
I do not want to install it until after I have made my changes.

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