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Streamline usage of l10n_mode

Added by Oliver Hader over 3 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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The TCA configuration property l10n_mode currently allows to define several behaviors concerning localization per individual column. In the long run it shall be possible to select localized records directly without having the requirement to fetch the parent default language record first to overlay particular field values.

This is the plan for the current existing variants for l10n_mode:
  • exclude: will stay, but value from parent language record will be cloned to localization
  • mergeIfNotBlank: will be removed, value from parent language record will be cloned to localization (if empty/blank) & removes the feature of merging values during runtime
  • noCopy: will be removed
  • prefixLangTitle: will stay, still adding the prefix to the cloned localization
  • default: will stay, still cloning value from parent language record to cloned localization

This umbrella issue collects issues for TYPO3 CMS 8 only. Fixing the behavior in existing LTS versions is a different topic.


Task #79242: Remove l10n_mode noCopyClosed

Task #79243: Remove l10n_mode mergeIfNotBlankClosed

Task #79244: Streamline l10n_mode exclude data processingAcceptedOliver Hader

Feature #78959: Non-translated sys_file_reference with "mergeIfNotBlank" doesn't workClosed

Bug #65863: content_fallback / mergeIfNotblank fails with content slide, pageOverlayFields is ignoredClosedJo Hasenau

Bug #59192: mergeIfNotBlank with FAL recordsClosed

Feature #35273: l10n_mode option mergeIfNotBlank should handle empty ids correctlyClosed

Task #78745: Get rid of localizationMode of TCA type inlineClosed

Bug #66206: l10n_mode mergeIfNotBlank does not work for in specific Mapping configuration (inline / direct mapping - no ObjectStorage)Closed

Feature #78169: Add field for the record translation mode (connected vs free)ClosedTymoteusz Motylewski

Feature #79658: Introduce allowLanguageSynchronizationClosed


#1 Updated by Oliver Hader over 3 years ago

  • Description updated (diff)

#2 Updated by Andreas Allacher over 3 years ago

So with this change there will be no way to refresh mergeIfNotBlank values once the record was localized?
Which might be interesting for relation fields. Of course, with Inline records there is the synchronize / localize all functionality but it has to be executed in each language manually.

A nice possibility would be to implement it similar to the exclude mode with this changes. However, then one would have to keep track regarding changes in the child record - we don't want to remove those chnages (as it would be like a non empty field).
Probably way too complex though. With the changes regarding exclude mode, most possibilities should be handled (there is always the copy option)

#3 Updated by Susanne Moog about 1 year ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

I'm closing the umbrella issue for version 8 but leaving the one leftover subtask open for now.

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