Bug #81179

Fresh installation: Reports module reports missing upgrades, Install tool does not

Added by Markus Klein over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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After installing a fresh TYPO3 v8 instance the reports module reports missing execution of some upgrade wizards. Looking into the Install Tool the user gets the information that there is no work left.
The user has NO way to find out which wizard might be the reason, except declaring all wizards as "not done" and running all of them.

After debugging the issue it turns out that during the default configuration phase of the install tool ALL upgrade wizards are marked as done. This way also the DatabaseRowUpdater is marked as done.

The reports module though asks each upgrade individually if updates are required.
In the case of DatabaseRowUpdater this returns true, since RTE fields are found (which is correct).
DatabaseRowUpdater NEVER sets itself to done, instead it always checks its individual row updaters.

We have 2 bugs during the initial install here:

  1. The individual row updaters are not marked as completed.
  2. Upgrade wizards that do now leverage the "isWizardDone" mechanism (like DatabaseRowUpdater) must not be declared done.

Proposed solution for initial installations is to only fix the second bug, as the first one does not really matter so much.


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