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Usage of constants in YAML files

Added by Wolfgang Freund 10 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Are there any plans, or is it already possible to use constants in the FormDefinition YAML?
As for the email finishers i have to hardcode for example the recipientAddress.

As I work with different environments, mails should be sent to different recipients depending on the environment.

So it would be nice if following logic in the basic finishers would be possible:

    identifier: EmailToReceiver
      subject: 'Message form website'
      recipientAddress: {$my_site_package.fom.contact.recipient.email}
      recipientName: {$my_site_package.fom.contact.recipient.name}
      senderAddress: {$my_site_package.fom.contact.sender.email}
      senderName: {$my_site_package.fom.contact.sender.name}
      replyToAddress: '{email}'
      carbonCopyAddress: ''
      blindCarbonCopyAddress: ''
      format: html
      attachUploads: 'false'
        language: 'en'

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#1 Updated by Christoph Bessei 10 months ago

Did you try TypoScript overrides? https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/drafts/code.tritum.de/TYPO3.CMS/Form_Documentation/Concepts/Index.html#typoscript-overrides
It's not exactly what you want, but sounds useful and I guess you could use constants there.

#2 Updated by Wolfgang Freund 10 months ago

Yes already tried that. For me the approach with constants within the YAML file feels cleaner.
Nevertheless I tried some finisher overrides (for example the mail subject) and it does not seem to work in all cases...

#3 Updated by Denis Mir 7 months ago

The TS overrides are ok but constructs like

plugin.tx_form {
  settings {
    formDefinitionOverrides {
      SomeForm {
        renderables {
          0 {
            renderables {
              4 {
                properties {
                  privacyPageUid = {$plugin.someExt.general.privacyPagePid}

are not really nice since you have to hard code the indexes in the array which fail when something gets added in between in the configuration file. It would be a lot better to be able to use TS constants in the YML file.

#4 Updated by Ralf Zimmermann about 1 month ago

#5 Updated by Ralf Zimmermann about 1 month ago

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I think your use case can be handled with variants #84133.
Feel free to test the patchset :)

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