Bug #82287

Better error reporting for language module

Added by Stefan Froemken over 4 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Hello core-Team,

currently the download of translations for TYPO3 does not work:

As a user everything seems to work in Language BE Module. The status bar fills up and on some systems the typo3conf/l10n Folder will be filled again.

In source code there are some try-catch where the catch part consists of a simple comment, only:

} catch (Exception $exception) {
    // @todo logging

I have debugged AJAX network traffic with Chrome while updating translations. A valid JSON will be response, but its state part is 2 (static::TRANSLATION_FAILED), but the user does not get any useful hints about that.

Switch to "Translation Overview" and try to get a translation for a single extension like "about". It seems to work. You got success messages. The icon has changed to a success icon. But in the background nothing works.

Would be cool to have valid messages and UX in translation module


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Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #82286: Additional Languages cannot be downloaded via Languages ModuleClosed2017-09-04


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 4 years ago

Duplicate of #82286 ?


Updated by Mathias Brodala about 4 years ago

Alexander Opitz wrote:

Duplicate of #82286 ?

This ticket is more about feedback not a specific error.


Updated by Stefan Froemken about 4 years ago

This is not a duplication of #82286. It shows a problem about language files which can not be downloaded. This will be solved today night: https://git-t3o.typo3.org/t3o/ter/issues/207#note_5383

In my ticket I want to have a better error reporting to the customer/user, as currently everything seems to work (success messages), although it doesn't in the background.


Updated by Stephan Großberndt about 4 years ago

  • Related to Bug #82286: Additional Languages cannot be downloaded via Languages Module added

Updated by Benni Mack almost 2 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Needs Feedback

Hey Stefan,

we've improved the situation in TYPO3 v9, can you let us know if this has changed for the better?


Updated by Stefan Froemken almost 2 years ago

Hi Benni,

I have unplugged my Network Cable and tried it again.
I see the light blue progress bar, what is OK for me.
After that I see following:

Language packs updated
0 new language packs downloaded, 0 language packs updated, 51 language packs not available

with a green background, which is IMO wrong.

Further the message "51 language packs not available" is wrong, too, as there is a german package for "about" available.

The user still won't be informed that there is a network error.



Updated by Georg Ringer almost 2 years ago

  • Status changed from Needs Feedback to Accepted
  • TYPO3 Version changed from 8 to 9

confirmed on master

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