Bug #88730

Validators of a field with the same identifier is working only once on a page

Added by Oliver Bartsch over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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If one has the same form twice on the same page, the second form is missing the configured validators. The SplObjectStorage is empty.
This also happens with different forms on the same page, if they have the same fields with the same `identifiers`.
I’m able to reproduce this on two different projects (TYPO3 version 9.5.8), but not for Version 8.

How to reproduce:
  1. Create a form and use some validators e.g. "NotEmpty" (With the GUI or directly with YAML configuration)
  2. Add the form to a site (Plugin: Form Framework)
  3. Add the same form to the same site
  4. Debug the validators or simply look for the asterisks on required (NonEmpty) fields in the frontend. They are missing on the second form.

I know having the same form twice on a site is not a real life use case, it's just to reproduce the behaviour quickly. The bug is that two identical fields (same identifer) in different forms on the same page are not working independently from each other like they did in v8.

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