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Missing l10n_parent field permission breaks page translation process

Added by Peter Kraume 2 months ago. Updated 28 days ago.

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If an editor has no write access to the l10n_parent field of pages, creating a page translation fails and ends up with a broken entry in the pages table which even admins can't access anymore.

How to reproduce:

  • create a website language record on page id=0
  • create site config for new language
  • create backend user group with these rights:
  • Module: Web>Page and Web>List
  • Tables (modify) => Page, Page Content
  • Page types => Standard
  • Allowed excludefields
  • Page => select all but l10n_parent
  • Page Content => select all
  • set DB Mount
  • grant access in module Access
  • create backend user and add user group from above
  • switch to user
  • try to make a new translation of a page


The throbber stays forever, nothing happens (see attached screencast).
If you try to translate the same page again, you get this error message:

Localization failed: there already are localizations (6) for language 1 of the "pages" record 4!

Even an admin user gets the same error message. The new page translation record isn't visible in the list module.
Only solution to fix such a broken page is to set the l10n_parent manually in the database.

Suggested solution:

Remove exclude option from pages TCA for l10n_parent field.
Or throw exception, if an editor has no access rights for l10n_parent and tries to translate a page.

l10n_parent.mov (1.05 MB) Peter Kraume, 2019-11-13 16:36

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Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #40112: Show warning on translation by user without access to "l18n_parent" Accepted 2012-08-24


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  • Related to Bug #40112: Show warning on translation by user without access to "l18n_parent" added

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