Feature #89979

Jump to a specific page in the page tree

Added by Sybille Peters 2 months ago.

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AFAIK, such a method does not exist.

It is possible to edit a specific page, but this does not influence the page tree.

I don't know if it is feasible to implement it, but it might be useful (see "Possible applications").

Requested functionality

A method, e.g. selectPageInPageTree($pageId, $filter) could have 2 (or more) modes as specified in $filter:

  1. The page $pageId is selected in the page tree. The pagetree is expanded to make this page visible in page tree, but the pagetree is not filtered
  2. This has similar behavior as filtering by a page id except that the filter is applied only for the matching page with page id and the child pages are displayed as well: The page is selected, page tree is expanded and all parent and child pages are displayed in page tree. Other pages are not displayed
  3. Mount as treeroot (=context menu > More options > Mount as treeroot)

Possible applications

  • This could be used in linkvalidator. The current flat list of all broken links is confusing. You could use this to be able to jump to the page in the page tree
  • Could be used for TYPO3 BE bookmarks. Currently, you can use the bookmarks to edit a page, but this does not change the page tree.
  • Additionally, it would be very helpful to be able to filter the page tree by an exact page id and (optionally) by a list of page ids. The current filter could have 2 modes: search + filter by page id(s). This would be even more useful for linkvalidator: When in this module, the page tree shows only currently relevant pages with broken links.
  • Additionally, a BE Fluid ViewHelper could be created for this functionality

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