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Allow Redirects to translated pages

Added by Joachim Eckerlin 10 months ago.

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The sysext redirects allows for redirects to the default language, but if you need to make a redirect to a translated version of a page there is no nice solution for that.
Instead you have to go to the list module, find the correct page and copy the uid of the translated page to manually edit the Typolink in the redirect, or use an external link to the page. Both of which are not really good solutions.

I would like to be able to select the translated page in the linkbrowser like in the list module. IMHO it would be nice to have the translated pages shown in the link browser above the content elements.
That way you could create a redirect to a translated page aswell, without leaving the redirect module in the backend.

It might be not enough though to just display the translated pages above the content elements, since than it would not be possible to create a redirect to an anchor link on a translated page. So let's have a discussion about how to impelement this :)

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