Bug #20654

Field defined as "sortby" in TCA doesn't support versioning

Added by Sven Weiss over 10 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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The field which I define in $TCA[$table]['ctrl']['sortby'] doesn't support versioning because it is hard coded to not support versioning. So it is not possible to publish a new sort order of elements.

In my case I want to give my editors the possibility to sort images in their workspace and then I want to publish it. But this doesn't work.

class.t3lib_tcemain.php - Line 4503:
// Find fields to keep
$keepFields = $this->getUniqueFields($table);
if ($TCA[$table]['ctrl']['sortby']) {
$keepFields[] = $TCA[$table]['ctrl']['sortby'];

On line 4540 there is the very curious reason:
// sortby is a "keepFields" which is why this will work...
(issue imported from #M11384)


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Additional Task:
If you have translated elements and sort them (especially if they are connected to their default language versions) you'll get a lot of funny effects. Try it: Create three default elements, translate them, and sort them up and down a bit. After some weird circumstances the sort order of the default elements changes, the translated elements jump in the default column, and everything gets really strange...

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Would be great to have this solved. Sorting elements inside a workspace is quite a common task imho (maybe during preparing a site for relaunch or so).

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