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SQL-Optimize the FAL

Added by Tobias Klepp almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
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In the process of entering a lot of data in the TYPO3 6.1 backend, I have some realy big FAL performance problems.

I programmed an extension, that shows a list of 10 records per page. Every record has an image that is connected as a reference. This simple SQL takes over 35 seconds, because the SQL optimizer can't use an index for the two important fields "tablenames" and "fieldname" in the sys_file_reference table. If I have a lot of images in the system (over 5000), it takes a lot of time and makes the website unuseable. I created a new index on the sys_file_reference table with the following statement:

CREATE INDEX tablenames_fieldname_uids 
ON sys_file_reference (tablenames(50),fieldname(50),uid_foreign,uid_local);

This key improves the SELECT statement very much. The same simple SQL takes less than 1 second.

I think, the key length can be optimized. A better index would be a unique index, but it is possible to reference the same file more than once in an mn relation file field. I have no idea, if this functionality is needed. For me, it makes no sense to reference the same file in the same field more than once.

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Task #54730: sys_file_processedfile.checksum shorten DB fieldClosedIngo Schmitt2014-01-03

Task #54726: sys_file_reference.fieldname optimize columnsClosedIngo Schmitt2014-01-03

Task #54725: Add Indexes to sys_file_referenceClosedIngo Schmitt2014-01-03


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FAL guys need to have a look at the queries indexes.

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Related: #51529

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