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ExtensionUtility::configurePlugin doesn't set typoscript

Added by Soren Malling almost 11 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Upgrading to 6.2 beta 1 I've experienced that

TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Utility\ExtensionUtility::configurePlugin -> \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ExtensionManagementUtility::addTypoScript doesn't register/writes the typoscript to the TypoScript Object Browser.

It writes it very well to $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['defaultTypoScript_' . $type . '.']

This seems to be a issue for Extbase only extension as EXT:gridelements got it's typoscript written as it used to

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Updated by Soren Malling almost 11 years ago

Title is wrong, is was TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Utility\ExtensionUtility::configurePlugin and not the registerPlugin function

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Updated by Markus Klein almost 11 years ago

  • Subject changed from TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Utility\ExtensionUtility::registerPlugin doesn't set typoscript to ExtensionUtility::configurePlugin doesn't set typoscript
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Updated by Jo Hasenau over 10 years ago

FYI: Gridelements does not use addTypoScript at all, but uses addStaticFile instead.

I think the difference is, that you have to include the static file then, while addTypoScript would insert the TS-code directly.

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Updated by Daniel Siepmann over 10 years ago

Adding a line to add it to the static typoscript FILE will work:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['defaultTypoScript_' . $type . '.']['cssstyledcontent/static/v4.6/'] .= $content;

That's not a fix, but workaround where you've to change the core.

I try to figure out what's the problem.

A better way, working for me, is to edit em_conf of your extension and add css_styled_content as depends.

Hope the bug will be solved soon, so we don't have to add the core extension as dependency.

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Updated by Mathias Schreiber over 9 years ago

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Hey Daniel,

any progress here?

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Updated by Daniel Siepmann over 9 years ago

No sorry. I went on to other issues.

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Updated by Daniel Siepmann over 9 years ago

As mentioned in slack, my opinion would be to add css_styled_content as suggested into ext_emconf of extbase. As css_styled_content is just one way to display content of TYPO3, and extbase supports this way, it is no dependency.
We just need to take care, whether PackageStates.php will follow the suggestions as it follows the dependencies.

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Updated by Alexander Opitz about 9 years ago

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Updated by Benni Mack over 5 years ago

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Hi Soren,

can you check if this issue still exists now with TYPO3 v8 and TYPO3 v9 and fluid_styled_content?

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Updated by Soren Malling over 5 years ago

This issue can be closed :)

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Updated by Riccardo De Contardi over 5 years ago

  • Status changed from Needs Feedback to Closed

@Søren Vedel Malling Hi and thank you for your kind and quick answer;

Closed in agreement with the reporter.

Thanks again



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