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Backend page tree: show localized page title

Added by Sonja Schubert almost 6 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Hey guys,

I want to suggest a new feature for the backend page tree. It would be nice to have two new options in pageTSconfig available:

options.pageTree.showLocalizedTitle = 2
options.pageTree.showLocalizedTitleDefaultLabel = [Default]:

With this new options an administrator can activate the feature to show the page title in backend page tree localized in the language 2 if available. This would be comfortable for editors from China or Russia which wants to see the page tree in their language localized also. If the certain page is not localized in language 2 the title from default language is shown. Here it is possible to add a label before if configured, to not confuse the editor. I added a diff patch, so you can take a look.

What do you think? Could this feature be added?

Kind regards,



pagetree_patch.diff (3.21 KB) pagetree_patch.diff Sonja Schubert, 2016-02-25 10:41

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Updated by Sonja Schubert almost 6 years ago

Of course I meant userTSconfig instead of pageTSconfig... sorry


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Thank you for your report.

Even though it has been some time, would you consider checking if your patch idea is still up to date and upload it to our Gerrit review server?

Someone could do this for you, but I am thinking you might like the opportunity to contribute to TYPO3 yourself.

You can find a description of the TYPO3 contribution workflow here: https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/ContributionWorkflowGuide/

Hint: If you get stuck anywhere, ask on Slack in the #typo3-cms-coredev channel. You can register in the TYPO3 slack workspace here: https://forger.typo3.com/slack

Thank you in advance!



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