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Change default upload folder

Added by Sven Burkert almost 4 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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If an image is uploaded via "Select & upload files", it's stored in fileadmin/user_upload/.
It would be very useful, if you can overwrite this for specific pages, e.g. in Page TSconfig. For example for a page "news storage", where all images should be uploaded to fileadmin/user_upload/images/news/.


Updated by Frans Saris almost 4 years ago

Hi, this currently only possible by using some hooks.

See https://github.com/beechit/default_upload_folder that uses these hooks


Updated by Sven Burkert over 3 years ago

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Thank you for this hint and your extension, works great, I've configured upload paths for news, tt_content, pages and more.
But this should be really part of the core. I'm wondering this is not possible without extension.


Updated by Felix Nagel about 3 years ago

It seems in TYPO3 9.x it's possible to change the global default upload folder: https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/TSconfigReference/UserTsconfig/Options.html#defaultuploadfolder

It would be nice if changing the upload folder would be possible using TCA, probably as an option in \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ExtensionManagementUtility::getFileFieldTCAConfig().


Updated by Markus Mächler about 3 years ago

I think it should even be possible to force an editor to choose an upload folder when he uses "Select & upload files". It is very tedious to first upload an image using the filelist and then go back to the record and setup a relation to the image just uploaded. There are cases where a human has to decide to which folder an image belongs, because there are no simple rules that could be used. The default upload folder could then be proposed to the editor, but he should still be able to choose a different folder.


Updated by Georg Ringer over 2 years ago

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check out the hook
which is also used in the mentioned extension https://github.com/beechit/default_upload_folder/

therefore I am closing this issue


Updated by Christian Hackl almost 2 years ago

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This is unfortunately not satisfactory, because you can't set the storage per dataset with the hook.
Because the hook provides me no UID of the record I can't get this to work.

For example if you have a TCA for a company - with a field "logo" - a field "images" and a field "movies", then I would like to be able to specify a separate folder for each company or want to create it automatically in which the files are stored / uploaded in an orderly way....

And not per BE user!


Updated by Frans Saris almost 2 years ago

Did you have a look at https://github.com/beechit/default_upload_folder/ ?

As this is exactly the usecase the extension provides


Updated by Christian Hackl almost 2 years ago

@Frans Saris
no cause the ext provides a solution for a per-page base (PID) not a solution for a per-record (UID) base.


Updated by Frans Saris almost 2 years ago

It can handle per record/field and that for the whole pagetree or only for a specific page.

But you want to set it for instance a different folder for news item uid 1 than for uid 2?


Updated by Christian Hackl almost 2 years ago

yes, for example:
news record uid -> directory
uid 1 (pid 1) -> directory 1
uid 2 (pid 1) -> directory 2
uid 3 (pid 1) -> directory 3

why? so that you can finally clean up the files (images etc.) automatically and the editor does not have to create folders beforehand - which has always been quite confusing with our previous experience. Sometimes a folder is capitalized, sometimes completely capitalized, sometimes small, sometimes underlined, sometimes without, sometimes with umlauts, sometimes without - and if an editor in the respective company changes and he was not properly instructed, sometimes everything lands directly in the user_upload folder...

In my current case, for example, I have FE-User which can upload files, these are now already beautifully in individual folders stored and in fact the record which they edit in the FE (automatically). In the backend this possibility is still missing so that a corresponding "sub"-admin must always create or search a folder first... that is not so nice and error-prone.


Updated by Julian Hofmann almost 2 years ago

Combining UserTSconfig (-> defaultUploadFolder) with conditions (e.g. PIDinRootline) should be possible


Updated by Georg Ringer over 1 year ago

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