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Button to delete content elements is as prominent as often-used actions

Added by Rachel Foucard about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Deleting content is a less common action than editing or hiding it. In an effort to simplify the page grid UI, this action can be removed from the page content preview and shown only in the overflow menu. This also prevents the issue where the user intends to hide the content element but accidentally uses the delete icon instead.
Solution title: Remove the delete button from the page module content grid
Solution description: Simplify the page module interface by removing the lesser-used delete icon. This icon is
Target version: v12 or patch (requires patch that adds the new overflow menu)


delete-action.JPG (23.4 KB) delete-action.JPG Rachel Foucard, 2021-09-16 10:32

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Updated by Rachel Foucard about 1 month ago


This ticket is very connected to the context menu one (#95246), and they should be applied together.

More information about the delete button problem and the proposed solution:

Delete action is always considered as:
  • a secondary action (maybe because we have first to create and edit before delete, and then, mathematically it's less often used than the other actions)
  • a "destructive" action (editors don't like that, they often prefer to hide instead of deleting data forever)

Why editors often prefer to hide content than deleting it? even if the delete button is everywhere, even if we tell them that they can get it back with a recycler, etc. Because editors invested time and love in their contents, and they won't delete it until they are absolutly sure they won't need it again someday.

Putting a destructive action button on each and every content just next other editing action button is just a bad idea in terms of UX.

here is a link to an additional explanation: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/top-10-application-design-mistakes/ (the 10th "Proximity of Destructive and Confirmation Actions")

But why do we have the feeling that we (this forge ticket readers) use really often this delete button? Maybe because "we" are not the casual editor, we test a lot of contents and destroy it right after creating it. But we should keep in mind that the page module interface is not for the developers or integrators only, it's mainly for editors, whose main goal is to create content, not destroy it.

With both #95246 and #95247 we not propose to remove completely the delete action button but to only show it in the secondary actions menu, where it is already.



Updated by Peter Kraume about 1 month ago

I would not hide the delete button in the context menu, no matter if there is the new button for the context menu instead.
  • this leads to the problem that content will only be hidden and not deleted.
  • thus the page module get cluttered with hidden content elements
  • deleting a content element belongs to the live cycle of a content element just like hiding it
  • power user want to get things done quickly, having a second click is cumbersome

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