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Frontend user access for users which are not in selected usergroup(s)

Added by Bernhard Eckl almost 8 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Sometimes I have a contents with restricted access in frontend for specific usergroup(s). There I insert the restricted content (like news plug-in, set the usergroups which are allowed to view the content), a login box (no access definition), a text element where I describe that the content is restricted to some users and that the user has to login (access to not logged in users) and another text describing that he is has no access to the content (should be only visible for logged in users which are NOT in the defined usergroups). But it is not possible to set access permissions for logged in users which are not in one or more specific usergroups. I have done this using extension maja_tscondition and a condition like: ![usergroup = 36]. This solution works but is not usable for editors (editors don’t know typoscript). My suggestion for this problem is to add a checkbox in the access tab (page properties and content elements) naming like »Show content only for logged in users which are not in the selected usergroups«. I think I am not the only one, this »problem« should have lots of other integrators with restricted access content.

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Updated by Stefan Neufeind almost 8 years ago

Do you always use the same set of groups? If so, maybe you can give your content-elements some different kind of "flag" and not use the regular access-restrictions. Then inside TypoScript when fetching the content-elements on a page to render you could maybe check there for each item if it should be displayed or not. Might that work for you?


Updated by Bernhard Eckl almost 8 years ago

No, I need this on different areas with different group permissions. E. g. only staff or professors should see some content elements, but the others (e.g. students) should instead of a blank page see a message (another content element with access for users who are not in specific groups). I can not imagine that I am the only one who would need this or are all other people showing the users just blank pages for the users who are not in the asked groups(s)?


Updated by Mathias Schreiber over 6 years ago

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Hi bernhard,

this is tricky, we built this once for a customer, but that was a one-time solution.

Could you supply a concept in more detail how the rendered SQL should look like under certain conditions?
That way I could try to fine someone willing to implement that.

Thanks for the idea :)


Updated by Stefan Neufeind over 6 years ago

@Bernhard: Do I read right that it's an "inversion" of the usergroup-access-right? So you have one element for which access is limited to a certain group and you want the other element to appear when the access-restriction is not fulfilled?


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 6 years ago

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@Stefan Yes, this seams the intended behavior the author would like to have.


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Updated by Bernhard Eckl 4 months ago

Are there any news here? This is still a desired feature and not implemented. Just a checkbox to check if the user is NOT in the selected usergroup would be great.

Example: A page with a login form (access hide when logged in) and a content element restricted for one certain usergroup. If a user who is not in that group is logged in the user just gets a page without content. But if that checkbox would exist another content element could be shown for users who are not in that group (with content like: „You don‘t habe permission to see the content here.“).

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