Bug #85987

Menus doesn't respect language settings and show non translated pages

Added by Richard Haeser 10 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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- You have a 1-on-1 translated website
- TypoScript settings: config.sys_language_mode = strict and config.sys_language_overlay = hideNonTranslated
- Page in default language is enabled
- No translation

If you use a menu (HMENU or menu element doesn't matter) in the secondary language, the page from the default language is shown. So it is falling back on the default language.

Because you've set the mode to strict with no fallback, you expect this page to not show up in the menu.


#1 Updated by Richard Haeser 10 months ago

This is the behaviour in CMS7 and 8

#2 Updated by Riccardo De Contardi 5 months ago

@Richard Haeser I got this same issue on TYPO3 9.5.4

In site configuration I set for the second language

[fallbackType] = strict

and on TS Setup

config.sys_language_mode = strict 
config.sys_language_overlay = hideNonTranslated

So far, I've seen that if you edit the page properties:

Tab language > Localization > set Hide page if no translation for current language exists = YES

It works. I've not tested it with 8.5

#3 Updated by Riccardo De Contardi 3 months ago

@Richard Haeser can you perform a test with 9.5.5 ?

I tried the following short test (with 9.5.5)

1) TYPO3 with two languages ITA, ENG (ID=1)
2) In site configuration I set for the second language

[fallbackType] = strict

3) TS Setup:

page = PAGE
page.20 = HMENU
  1 = TMENU
  1.NO.wrapItemAndSub = <li>|</li> 

page.100 =< styles.content.get

As you can see, I omitted

config.sys_language_mode = strict 
config.sys_language_overlay = hideNonTranslated

4) I set up a pagetree like this one:

  +---test b

5) Only the "home" page and the "test" page have been translated in ENG, so:
Italian English
Home Home in Eng
test b
test test in Eng

Results when viewing the home page:

  • in ITA, the menu shows both "test b" and "test"
  • in ENG, the menu shows only "test in Eng"

#4 Updated by Riccardo De Contardi 3 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Needs Feedback

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