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Cannot fetch 404 page with simple base

Added by Mathias Brodala 3 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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If you set up the errorHandling in a site configuration to use the errorHandler: Page and a dedicated page as errorContentSource this page cannot be displayed if you use a base without a full URL like / or /en/ (for language variants)

The following error is displayed as HTML response in this case:

Error handler could not fetch error page: Possible recursion detected.

There are many problems with this error message itself:

  • It does not contain the internally resolved URL
  • It does not contain the exact error message which occurred

In this very case a errorContentSource like t3://page?uid=10 is resolved to /404 (if that's the slug of the 404 page) by the PageContentErrorHandler. Then GeneralUtility::getUrl() tries to load this as a file called /404 in the filesystem of the web server since the resolved URL does not contain a scheme and host. At least this additional error could be avoided by using the RequestFactory directly.

The error itself should be fixed by prepending the current scheme and host in case the resolved URL is not a full URL. The PageContentErrorHandler only supports pages and full URLs anyways. This could make it necessary to add an additional StaticFileErrorHandler to cover cases where displaying content of a static file really was intended.

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#1 Updated by Peter Kraume 3 months ago

  • Related to Task #87073: Optimize error message of handlePageError() added

#2 Updated by Wolfgang Wagner 2 months ago

Problem still exists in 9.5.3

#3 Updated by Benjamin Schmidt about 1 month ago

Problem still exists in 9.5.3 - i can confirm.
Workaround: Just point to your 404 page by URL, this works.

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