Bug #87416

Page is not deleted through the context menu if the site has translations and the page was currently selected

Added by Stefanos Karasavvidis 2 months ago. Updated 16 days ago.

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1) have a site with translatable content
2) create a page
3) regardless of the type of user (admin or non admin), and regardless on whether there is or is not content on the page in any of the languages

a) having the page selected in the page tree and deleting it through the context menu, does not actually delete it. No error messages are shown. Regardless on whether you were in the page module or the list module.

b) having the page selected in the page tree, and deleting it through the "drag page to the right, red delete area", does delete it

c) having selected another page in the page tree, and deleting the page through the context menu, does delete it without problems

Observed on 9 and current master


#1 Updated by Ricky Mathew 2 months ago

  • Priority changed from Should have to Must have

Any updates?

#2 Updated by Thomas Off 2 months ago

I have the same problem, too.

#3 Updated by Riccardo De Contardi 2 months ago

  • Category set to Pagetree

#4 Updated by Ricky Mathew 18 days ago

  • Target version set to next-patchlevel

#5 Updated by André Schließer 16 days ago

I can reproduce it in the same way in 9.5 and master

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