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Epic #87417: Integrate proper Content Security Policy (CSP) handling

Refactor and remove usage of inline scripts in backend

Added by Oliver Hader almost 2 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Backend JavaScript
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Dynamically generated <script> tags must be avoided and refactored to be used as static resources, dynamic use-cases have to be controlled by applying according settings (e.g. data-attributes and/or JSON configuration).

Examples (these resources have not been verified in detail and the list is not completed):

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  • <script>
  • GeneralUtility::wrapJS
  • GeneralUtility::writeJavaScriptContentToTemporaryFile
  • Response::addAdditionalHeaderData


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Task #91815: Remove window.open inline JavaScriptUnder ReviewOliver Hader

Task #91820: Remove inline onclick code from MoveElementControllerResolvedOliver Hader


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