Bug #91557

Auto slug update creates not working redirect

Added by Chris Müller over 1 year ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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When changing a slug for a page, a new record is created for a redirect. However, this redirect is not working, because as target is not used the link t3://page?uid=42, instead the new path, e.g., /en/new-page is stored (which is shown as "not implemented type unknown"):

When calling the old URL a 404 page is shown.

Now I changed the target to a page via the link wizard (e.g. t3://page?uid=42). The redirect works now.

This behaviour was observed in TYPO3 10.4.3.


redirects1.png (32 KB) redirects1.png Chris Müller, 2020-06-03 08:17
redirects2.png (31.1 KB) redirects2.png Chris Müller, 2020-06-03 08:17

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Updated by Chris Müller over 1 year ago

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Updated by Xavier Perseguers over 1 year ago

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Thanks for creating the bug report, I've experienced that many times since the release of v10.


Updated by Markus Gehrig about 1 year ago

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I can confirm this issue. (TYPO3 10.4.6)


Updated by Markus Gehrig 11 months ago

Error still exists in 10.4.10


Updated by Gerrit Hübbers 9 months ago

Error still exists in TYPO3 10.4.12 .


Updated by Philipp Seiler 8 months ago

Really, really, really annoying, especially with big sites with lots of pages and many users. It seems, that the redirects-module is pretty buggy in general, e.g. page browser not working properly, filtering being lost after editing a record and probably even more stuff, that is still to be discovered. I shudder at the thought of renaming a page with a lot of subpages and letting the redirects-module take care of renaming the slugs and automatically creating the redirects.


Updated by Gerrit Hübbers 8 months ago

Error still exists in TYPO3 10.4.13 .


Updated by Uwe Trotzek 8 months ago

  • Related to Bug #89327: Auto redirect: Could not resolve target page added

Updated by Guido Schmechel 8 months ago

Please keep an eye on the linked ticket #89327. A first attempt is now integrated there.


Updated by Daniel Goerz 7 months ago

  • Related to Task #89301: Streamline automatic slug & redirects handling added

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