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Saving records takes ages to complete

Added by Xavier Perseguers almost 9 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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After Xhprof'ing a website to understand why it took about 17 seconds to save a record in Backend, I found that cache files (on disk) were read 130k times during the process!

Digging more in it, I found that the problem was that a few Core caches are configured by default with FileBackend which is extremely inefficient in its flushCacheByTag implementation because it basically needs to open and check each file in a row to check if it should be unlinked.

The big problem here comes on one hand from the "high" number of Cache files I have in my website:

  • 507 files in Cache/Data/t3lib_10n
  • 8 in cache_core
  • 1 in cache_phpcode
  • 35 in fluid_template
  • 1 in static_info_tables

(total = 552 files)

on the fact that on my production website I don't have SSD for storing data (which is typically the case) and on the other hand on the caching framework which basically is invoked on every cache Backend when a record is saved with a call like clearCacheByTag('page_<uid>') recursively for each page in the rootline. If you are a few levels deep, you end up with N * 552 files read for nothing because tags are not used anyway on those files.

I switched to APC for t3lib_l10n and the time dropped from 17 sec. down to 4 sec.


  • Try to change the default configuration from FileBackend to SimpleFileBackend for as much as many default configuration
  • Discuss if FileBackend should be changed, to possibly remove the "tag handling" and simply purge files or at least issue a big warning in documentation that this cache is extremely inefficient and the more cache files we have, the slower TYPO3 will be, no magic here.
  • Something else?

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