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twbs Bootstrap backend, refactor EXT:t3skin and HTML5 output

Added by Felix Kopp about 6 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Task #62002: Bootstrap DynTabs / nav-tabsClosed

Task #62317: Document template Tab-Menu brokenClosed

Bug #62671: Broken layout for tabs in ExtensionManagerClosed

Feature #62042: Restructure t3skin CSS to LessClosed

Task #62161: Rework module-menu css/lessClosed

Task #62157: Move and refactor less files to/within extensionsClosed

Task #62328: Remove table usage in "User settings"ClosedGeorg Ringer

Task #61728: Migrate the about module output to a definition listClosedGeorg Ringer

Bug #62275: Unify HTML code & Bootstrap cssClosed

Feature #62332: User settings as modal-viewClosed

Feature #62166: Rework Toolbar / Topbar as bootstrapClosed

Feature #62481: First step: toolbar refactoring HTML5+JSClosed

Feature #62790: Move ModuleMenu > User into Topbar UserClosed

Task #62798: Migrate Clearcachemenu JavaScript to jQueryClosedWouter Wolters

Task #62799: Migrate Shortcutmenu JavaScript to jQueryClosedWouter Wolters

Task #62800: Migrate workspacesmenu JavaScript to jQueryClosedWouter Wolters

Task #62801: Migrate opendocs JavaScript to jQueryClosedWouter Wolters

Bug #62928: Toolbar PHP sideClosed

Task #62929: Initial refactoring of toolbar itemsClosed

Bug #62939: Toolbar: Bring back styling for new HTMLClosed

Task #62959: Toolbar item registration and positionClosed

Bug #62964: Rename getDropdown to hasDropDownClosed

Task #62997: ToolbarItem interface improvementsClosed

Task #63110: Clean up OpendocsToolbarItem referencesClosed

Task #63431: Documentation of new interfaceClosed

Bug #63438: Fix broken shortcut menu and icon paddingClosedFrank Naegler

Feature #62353: Refactor Modul menu (Bootstrap+Touch)Closed

Epic #62334: Modals in BackendClosed

Task #63729: API for twbs modalsClosedAndreas Fernandez

Bug #62345: ElementBrowser output brokenClosed

Task #62383: Optimize structure of backend sectionsRejectedIngo Pfennigstorf

Bug #62385: Recolor docheader and pagetree according to new backend stylesClosedIngo Pfennigstorf

Bug #62392: Base buttons on Bootstrap - backwards compatibleClosed

Story #62606: Refactor FlashMessages to TWBS alternativesClosed

Task #62614: Refactor Reports ModuleClosedFrank Naegler

Task #62678: Module: DB-Check > Manage Reference IndexClosedFrank Naegler

Task #62679: Module: Scheduler > Setup checkClosed

Epic #62836: FormEngine PHP/HTML Improvements & BootstrapClosed

Bug #62837: Forms in sys_action look ugly and need localizationClosedMathias Schreiber

Bug #63120: Properly align fields in FormEngineClosedGeorg Ringer

Task #63208: Select field background image icon better positioning in ChromeClosedFelix Kopp

Bug #58521: TCA: select with size=1, maxitems=2 only allows selection of 1 itemClosedMorton Jonuschat

Bug #58520: TCA: selection cannot be removed when size=1, minitems=0, maxitems=1ClosedBodo Eichstädt

Feature #58407: Add suggest to TCAs group /select itemsClosedDaniel Siepmann

Bug #58211: The TCA wizard configuration setting "_PADDING" does not have any effectClosed

Bug #56668: TCA Time Field - 0:00 equals no inputClosedFrank Naegler

Bug #55780: Deprecate TCA > Wizard _PADDINGClosed

Bug #44595: TCA / type "inline": "expandSingle" => 1 does not workClosed

Bug #41511: TCA eval int,required does not accept 0 (zero)Closed

Bug #30703: TCA type "select" + "multiple": cannot select the same item many timesClosed

Feature #30014: TCA tree add filter "check"Closed

Bug #29122: TCA renderMode "Tree" issue with multi-relation or MMClosed

Feature #25223: Enable TCA property displayCond for IRRE child recordsRejectedOliver Hader

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Revision e6daad92 (diff)
Added by Felix Kopp about 6 years ago

[TASK] Refactor t3skin / re-work HTML / move to extension

Specific CSS styles that are only needed is a single place should
be held in that specific place also. Moves CSS styles that are only
used in one place to that specific location. These styles are also
only loaded when needed.

Also refactors HTML output of backend modules to be more
HTML5 standard conform. This allows us to remove a lot of CSS.

CSS/less was touched for:
About, About modules, Wizards, Permissions, Setup, TS Template.

Resolves: #62157
Related: #62041
Releases: master
Change-Id: I12a2c8fd0ad5be294d7440f08d8fe96f28841bfc
Reviewed-on: http://review.typo3.org/33256
Reviewed-by: Christian Kuhn <>
Tested-by: Christian Kuhn <>
Reviewed-by: Frank Nägler <>
Tested-by: Frank Nägler <>
Reviewed-by: Markus Klein <>
Tested-by: Markus Klein <>


#1 Updated by Felix Kopp about 6 years ago

  • Subject changed from Refactor t3skin CSS/Less to Refactor t3skin and HTML5 output (CSS/Less/Bootstrap)

#2 Updated by Felix Kopp about 6 years ago

  • Subject changed from Refactor t3skin and HTML5 output (CSS/Less/Bootstrap) to twbs Bootstrap backend, refactor EXT:t3skin and HTML5 output

#3 Updated by Felix Kopp over 5 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Resolved

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