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WP: Workspaces IRRE & MM bugfixes

Added by Oliver Hader about 6 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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The import and export functionality is available since the beginning of TYPO3 CMS. This backend module mostly relies on the internal DataHandler/TCEMain system of TYPO3. For TYPO3 6.2 LTS, the Core Team needs to improve the handling of the IRRE and MM relations within the import and export process.
Additionally, the import / export module must be able to handle exports which were generated in a pre-FAL-version of TYPO3 (e.g. like the last LTS Version 4.5) in order to be able to import directly to the FAL.
Since importing and exporting large sites via a web-backend leads to problems in runtime and memory limits, a CLI Module must be added.

Recent development can be found here:
https://github.com/ohader/TYPO3.CMS/commits/integration (integration branch)
https://github.com/ohader/TYPO3.CMS/commits/bugfixes (development branch)


Story #54852: As a developer I want to ensure that further changes in DataHandler have no negative impactClosed

Story #54853: As a user I want to correctly create, modify, preview and publish IRRE & MM related workspace changesClosed

Task #45214: Problems on publishing complex IRRE structureClosed

Task #43210: Resolving element dependencies does not work on deleted child recordsClosed

Task #54956: Invalid workspace image preview in page and list moduleClosed

Task #56061: Introduce MM_oppositeUsage propertyClosedOliver Hader

Task #56122: Use MM_oppositeUsage for category relationsClosedOliver Hader

Task #55573: Failing moveContentRecordToDifferentPageAndChangeSortingClosedOliver Hader

Task #56376: Invalid relations of IRRE records in workspacesClosedOliver Hader

Task #29278: Lost relations on copying IRRE children in workspacesRejected

Task #45132: Faulty translation behavior of IRRE using workspacesRejected

Task #45676: Workspace references are not consideredRejected

Task #45151: IRRE 1n:csv parent records point to workspace placeholderRejectedOliver Hader

Task #56977: Save current workspace in ReferenceIndexClosedOliver Hader

Task #56994: Introduce shadowColumnsForMovePlaceholders propertyClosedOliver Hader

Task #45133: New IRRE parent-child-structures are not removedClosedOliver Hader

Task #56782: Failing group/select test changeElementSortingClosedOliver Hader

Task #56393: creation on new pages have broken permissions (perms_groupid set wrong)Closed

Task #57168: Enable queries using "root" and "-1" for pidInListClosedOliver Hader

Task #57169: Invalid relations of MM records in workspacesClosedOliver Hader

Task #57231: Refactor element dependency resolvingClosedOliver Hader

Task #56059: Category localization cannot be renderedClosedOliver Hader

Story #54854: As an editor I want to use a more intuitive workspace moduleClosed

Task #49689: Use alternative selector for many workspacesClosedOliver Hader

Task #55349: Visualize nested data structures in workspace moduleClosedOliver Hader

Epic #55064: WP: Workspaces test cases / DataHandler bugfixesClosedOliver Hader

Task #55217: Implement functional test-suite for workspacesClosed

Task #54812: Add functional tests from irre_tutorial to the coreClosedTymoteusz Motylewski

Task #54855: Add functional test cases to DataHandler for regular live editingClosedOliver Hader

Bug #54857: Test extensions are not considered in functional test casesClosedOliver Hader

Task #55563: Add functional test cases to DataHandler for regular workspace editingClosedOliver Hader

Task #55882: Add framework for frontend rendering functional testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56072: Extend DataHandler IRRE functional testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56104: Enable DataHandler frontend rendering testsClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56111: Discard vs. Delete workspace changes in testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56143: Integrate IRRE CSV Functional TestsClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56161: Parent localization pointer missing in IRRE testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56179: Add functional tests for discarding created elementsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56177: Windows issues with long CSV file name from commit 2db3d30ClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56244: Missing move placeholders in irre_tutorial testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56369: Add possibility to assert error log entriesClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56374: Unnatural processing order in IRRE testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56707: Add functional tests for TCA types select and group/dbClosedOliver Hader

Task #56708: Add Publish and PublishAll DataHandler workspaces testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56710: Add sys_refindex table to functional action testsClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56729: Use clean DataHandler for each functional test actionClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56806: Split functional workspaces DataHandling test executionClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56819: Missing localizeChildrenAtParentLocalization for CSV testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #57014: Enrich many-to-many functional tests in live workspaceClosedOliver Hader

Task #57030: Add ManyToMany copyPage functional testClosedOliver Hader

Bug #54849: Functional tests cannot write to backend logClosedOliver Hader

Task #55879: Enable additional configuration in functional testsClosedOliver Hader

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Epic #58282: Workspaces Workpackage #2 Accepted 2012-03-26


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