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Improve accessibility of backend

Added by Georg Ringer 12 months ago. Updated about 22 hours ago.

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Backend User Interface
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This epic covers all tasks to make the backend more accessible.


Bug #81478: Datepicker in backend - unlogical behaviour with keyboard navigationNew

Feature #89496: Make context menu usable via keyboardUnder Review

Bug #89520: Missing tooltips in info moduleNew

Task #89566: Some buttons have missing tooltipsClosedOliver Bartsch

Task #89596: Improve a11y of backend loginClosedGeorg Ringer

Bug #89605: Form elements in invisible tabs of contentIframe backend are focusableClosed

Bug #89872: Tooltips in Backend should become accessibleNeeds Feedback

Bug #91595: Not all elements displayed as button behave like buttonsUnder Review

Bug #91645: Incorrect keyboard focus order in tab menusAccepted

Bug #92603: The context sensitive help description text of pages.no_search is wrong since the appearance of the field in the backend has been changed.Resolved

Bug #92612: "Site Management" is cut off in the module menu when text spacing is adjustedNew

Bug #92613: Mobile module menu links are missing link titleUnder Review

Task #92619: Login button has an invalid attribute New

Task #92620: Login and "Get Reset Link" button have a missing focus styleUnder Review

Task #92621: Placeholder text has insufficient color contrastUnder Review

Task #92622: Status text on the login button is not readable when resizedNew

Task #92623: Form input has an insufficient color contrast ratioUnder Review

Task #92624: Purpose of form input cannot be programmatically determinedNew

Task #92625: Form elements have insufficient color contrast and focus styleNew

Task #92627: Insufficient labeling for password reset inputUnder Review

Task #92628: Linked TYPO3-Logo has no discernible textUnder Review

Task #92630: Link purpose of links in collapsable area "More about TYPO3" is not discernible with the given link textNew

Task #92634: Unknown ARIA-attribute used in menuUnder Review

Bug #92637: Create new pages, Filter and Reload buttons have missing focus styleNew

Task #92644: Insufficient labeling for search inputUnder Review

Bug #92647: Inputs with charcounter misses correct markup for alert outputUnder ReviewGeorg Ringer

Task #92648: Page column header has insufficient color contrast and no <h2>-tag, the icon has no discernible textNew

Task #92649: Add Linked TYPO3-Logo-Login alt textNewJonathan IROULIN

Task #92650: "Allowed file extensions" and "Proposal accepted" have an insufficient color contrastNew

Task #92651: Delete button in the text input field is not accessibleNew

Bug #92658: Main headline edit function not visible and not accessible via keyboardUnder ReviewGeorg Ringer

Bug #92659: Inputs in Media Adjustments do not inform the user of the required informationUnder Review

Bug #92661: Menus and the select input field in search detail view get clipped off when zoomedNew

Task #92662: TYPO3-38 Text in help-block and checkboxes in Image Metadata have an insufficient color contrastNew

Bug #92663: Hidden links should not be accessible via keyboard in search detail view on smaller screensNew

Bug #92664: Some input elements are cut off when resized and cause horizontal scrollingNew

Task #92665: Elements in the modal dialog have insufficient focus styleNew

Task #92667: Buttons with icons in menuebar don't have a discernible title in mobile viewNew

Bug #92668: Paste buttons must have type=button set to not behave as submitsResolvedOliver Bartsch

Task #92670: Delete and paste dialogues don't include content element titleNew

Task #92671: Form elements have insufficient color contrast and insufficient focus styleNew

Task #92674: Button "Show all" in search dialog modal has insufficient color contrastNew

Bug #92678: Inverted BE form checkboxes (TCA flag invertStateDisplay) are spoken incorrectlyUnder Review

Task #92679: Pagetree Toolbar Focus Styles and LabelsNew

Bug #92680: Dropzone of file upload is not usable by keyboardUnder Review

Bug #92681: Buttons in IRRE headers do not behave like buttons Under Review

Bug #92682: IRRE inline elements cannot be opened or closed via keyboardUnder Review

Bug #92684: Form input fields in the search detail page have insufficient color contrast and focus styleNew

Bug #92687: Checkboxes in File Selector/Filelist have missing focus styleNew

Bug #92688: Search result list is missing correct HTML markup and additional search informationNew

Bug #92694: Buttons in module-docheader-bar do not behave like buttonsUnder Review

Bug #92695: Search modal dialog cannot be used with a keyboardNew

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Feature #44001: Enhance usability of Web / Access in the BackEnd Accepted 2012-12-14


#1 Updated by Georg Ringer 12 months ago

  • Subject changed from Accessibility to Improve accessibility of backend

#2 Updated by Georg Ringer 7 months ago

  • Related to Feature #44001: Enhance usability of Web / Access in the BackEnd added

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