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Further FormEngine development

Added by Christian Kuhn about 5 years ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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FormEngine aka TCEforms
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This story is a parent issue of further FormEngine development. Bug fixes after main patch are handled with #69617

Main FormEngine:

  • Everything around FormDataCompiler is for fetching, creating, adding and manipulating data. A huge array is returned.
  • The data array is then given to "render part", the container / element structure.
Main goals:
  • The data provider in FormDataCompiler should work on as little "external" data as possible, use and enrich the given data array with small provider classes that focus on single pieces of the result array.
  • Data provider should be unit tested as much as possible. Basically every change in this area should be reflected by test changes, too.
  • In the end, the "render part" should not do any $GLOBALS access anymore or fetch additional data via db requests or similar. It should only work on the given data array to render result data.
Secondary goals:
  • Streamline the HTML output.
  • Simplify array structures.
  • Reduce dependencies to third party code, especially to BackendUtility.


Task #69714: Split TcaFlex providerClosedMichael Oehlhof

Task #69715: Flex: Better encapsulationClosed

Task #69716: Flex: Prepare "meta" in providerClosedMorton Jonuschat

Task #69717: Flex: Fix langChildren=1 renderingClosedThorsten Bringewatt

Task #69718: Flex: Move TCA migration to data providerClosedMorton Jonuschat

Task #69719: Flex: Fix hardcoded titleClosedMathias Brodala

Task #69720: Flex: Further remove "TCEforms" from data structureClosedMorton Jonuschat

Task #69721: Inline BackendUtility::getRecordTitle as data providerClosedMorton Jonuschat

Task #69723: SelectCheckboxElement merge methodsClosedNicole Cordes

Task #69724: MultipleSideBySideElement merge methodsClosedJan Helke

Task #69725: SelectSingleBoxElement merge methodsClosedMathias Brodala

Task #69726: SelectSingleElement merge methodsClosedJan Helke

Task #69727: SelectTreeElement merge methodsClosedJan Helke

Task #69728: Move SelectTree data providingClosed

Task #69729: Inline getDynamicTabMenuClosed

Task #69730: Remove dot in uniqid('NEW', TRUE)ClosedNicole Cordes

Task #69731: Rename DatabaseRowGroupRelationsClosedMichael Oehlhof

Task #69732: Remove name="foo[bar]_hr" from input fieldsClosedMorton Jonuschat

Task #69734: Replace getPageTSconfig in InlineRelatedRecordResolverClosedMathias Brodala

Bug #69784: pages_language_overlay records contain wrong sys_language_uidClosedAnja Leichsenring

Bug #66688: FormEngine: returnFieldJS() for type=text eval not implementedRejected

Task #69821: FormEngine: Split TcaTypesShowitem providerClosedMorton Jonuschat

Task #69822: Move select field type detection to TcaMigrationClosedAlexander Stehlik

Task #69938: Inline ElementConditionMatcherClosedMorton Jonuschat

Task #70138: Extract flex form language handling to compatibilty6Closed

Task #70370: FormEngine: Convert FormDataTraverser into DataProviderClosedMorton Jonuschat

Task #70490: FormEngine inline refactoringClosed

Task #70545: tx_rtehtmlarea_acronym - kick dependency to static_info_tables, deprecate isLoaded display conditionClosed

Bug #70786: FlexForm-based column is missing validation and transferClosed

Bug #32252: Unable to set Publish Dates and Access Rights on any alternative language content elementClosed

Feature #71102: Allow definition of CSH within TCAClosed

Bug #71293: `foreign_record_defaults` is not stored when the field hiddenClosed

Task #71607: FormEngine: Flex section deletionClosed

Feature #73227: Possibility to override IconNew

Task #70032: Language diff should be as large as input fieldClosed

Bug #68247: group maxitems woesClosed

Bug #76048: IRRE: Child records - New record doesn't get language of parent (non localized records but using new button)ClosedJo Hasenau

Task #76101: remove SoloFieldContainerClosed

Feature #76671: columnsOverrides does not affect newly added inline elementsClosed

Bug #69183: Respect TCA option 'columnsOverrides' for server side field evaluationsClosed

Bug #78845: Editing a sys_file_metadata record (eg. through filelist) fetches all sys_file recordsClosed

Task #78899: FormEngine: Add flex section container via ajax callClosed

Task #78905: TCA tree: Simplify json resultClosed

Task #71173: Extract wizard rendering from AbstractFormElementClosedThomas Maroschik

Bug #78460: requestUpdate property for form input fieldsNew

Bug #67198: requestUpdate does not work on Group ElementsNew

Bug #79044: TCA field 'renderType' => 'selectTree', is too smallClosed

Task #79747: Allow customData in FormEngine data compilerClosed

Bug #81563: TCA: Palettes in "subtypes_addlist" are not processedNew

Feature #83906: Allow disabling a FormDataProviderClosed

Bug #84051: SelectTree (Category Tree) - add horizontal scrollingNew

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Story #69617: FormEngine bugs Closed 2012-08-28


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