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FormEngine bugs

Added by Christian Kuhn over 4 years ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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FormEngine aka TCEforms
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Issues following initial monster #69568

This story is for bug fixes after the main patch.


Bug #69618: IRRE with select causes 500ClosedChristian Kuhn

Bug #69622: Template save with t3editor installed brokenClosed

Bug #69626: FormEngine still used in the coreClosed

Bug #69631: UserStorageCapabilityService still references FormEngineClosed

Bug #69634: undefined method FormEngineUtility::getSelectItemsClosedChristian Kuhn

Bug #69639: Invalid TCA type in sys_file_metadataClosed

Bug #69640: Value of transOrigPointerField might be an arrayClosed

Bug #69646: Adding new IRRE child on new localizable parent failsClosed

Bug #69651: Not possible to create Alternative Page LanguagesClosed

Bug #69652: Saving fal relation failsClosed

Bug #69647: ImageManipulation is undefined after opening image recordClosed

Bug #69653: Possible warning on getRecordTitleClosed

Bug #69661: DatabaseRowInitializeNew does not respect overrideValsClosed

Bug #69664: Override vals using GeneralUtility::_GP('overrideVals'); in \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Controller\EditDocumentControllerClosedMarkus Sommer

Bug #69703: Media content elements can't be created or editedClosed

Bug #69742: Assigning Frontend Groups brokenClosed

Task #69787: Rename InputElement Class to InputTextElementClosedAnja Leichsenring

Bug #69867: FormEngine doesn't resolve inline records from flexforms correctlyClosed

Bug #69896: DefaultTranslation / Diff is missingClosed

Bug #69897: Display conditions currently don't work anymoreClosedMorton Jonuschat

Bug #69905: Icons in access list too bigClosedFrank Naegler

Bug #69907: Render form-section divs only if content is thereClosed

Bug #69890: Flag icons are missing on flex localization viewClosed

Bug #69830: Broken form in page property TSconfig from ExtensionClosed

Task #69834: Disallow empty values for multi value select fieldsClosedAlexander Stehlik

Bug #69826: Broken select wizardClosed

Bug #69925: Adjust itemsProcFunc CategoryRegistry::getCategoryFieldsForTable to new internal record structureClosed

Bug #69952: processForeignTableClause fails when used with select fieldsClosed

Bug #70033: type select fields should not show icons below by defaultClosedNicole Cordes

Bug #70051: TCA displayCond not evaluatedClosed

Bug #70052: TCA displayCond not evaluatedClosed

Bug #70058: Set database record values depending on overrideValsClosedNicole Cordes

Bug #70132: Document FormEngine user + userfunc is breakingClosed

Bug #70236: Backend Forms and localization : readonly fields are emptyClosedMathias Schreiber

Bug #70223: TCA defaultExtras not working for RTE configClosed

Bug #70265: DisplayCond based on array input failsClosedAnja Leichsenring

Bug #70245: Inline: PageTS incorrectly used for foreign_selector (page uid ignored and previously local table name was used)Closed

Bug #70301: sys_file_reference IRRE elements do not show correct palettesClosed

Bug #70297: Placeholder config with default value of related record field failsClosedMorton Jonuschat

Bug #70146: Input placeholder record traversal is brokenClosedMorton Jonuschat

Bug #70226: Error when trying to edit several properties at once in List Modul in TYPO3 7.5Closed

Bug #70449: TCA type group with internal_type folder has been removedClosed

Bug #70467: Missing record information for flexform itemsProcFuncClosed

Bug #70504: Allow for selective processing of columns/fieldsClosed

Bug #70275: Default-Values in MM-Relations are not resolved correctlyClosed

Bug #70246: RTE fields do not handle eval validation like requiredClosedFrank Naegler

Bug #70435: IRRE foreign_selector with useCombination on save does not update label in select list of foreign_selectorClosed

Bug #70434: IRRE foreign_selector with foreign_unique not resolved correctlyClosed

Bug #70494: AbstractFormElement opening IRRE via ajax fails if it contains thumbnails because $GLOBALS['SOBE'] is not setClosed

Bug #70523: processForeignTableClause in case of array should be a comma separated list (e.g. MM relations)RejectedMathias Schreiber

Bug #70522: processSelectFieldValue needs to happen before any processForeignTableClause is calledClosed

Bug #70530: IRRE foreign_selector with foreign_where and ###REC_FIELD_* markersRejected

Bug #70542: Save and new record fails in workspace modeClosedNicole Cordes

Bug #70540: When CSC installed, no link and alt field are visible for images added to text/image CEsClosedMorton Jonuschat

Task #70548: Optimize overruleTypesArray handlingClosedAnja Leichsenring

Bug #70549: Restrict parent calculation in inline ajax callsClosed

Task #70552: Add result cleanup after data computing before renderingClosedAnja Leichsenring

Bug #70553: Unable to edit file metadataClosedNicole Cordes

Bug #70559: IRRE with MM table usage failsClosed

Task #70561: Adapt tx_rtehtmlarea_acronym TCA to TYPO3 CMS 7 FormEngineClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #70564: Simplify processedTca handling in FormEngineClosedAnja Leichsenring

Bug #70577: FormEngine inline new intermediate record placeholdersClosed

Bug #70582: Fix unused var and typo in FormInlineAjaxController.phpClosedMathias Schreiber

Task #70585: Remove inlineOverruleTypesArray from FormEngine result arrayClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #70594: FormEngine: Remove foreign_selector handling in ajaxClosed

Bug #70589: FormEngine renderWizards with select singlebox if check wrong (?)ClosedChristian Kuhn

Bug #70608: FormEngine: Find out what happened to form_typeClosed

Bug #70597: foreign_record_defaults for inline records get ignoredClosedAnja Leichsenring

Bug #70626: Flexforms are missing after #70504ClosedAnja Leichsenring

Bug #70782: TCA displayCond fails for operator IN and comma seperated operandClosed

Bug #70780: IRRE: ignores PageTS pid overridesClosedChristian Kuhn

Bug #70806: Flexform fields respect ACLs but ACLs cannot be setClosedMathias Schreiber

Feature #70833: Make usage of LLL Labels possible as placeholder, if mode is set to useOrOverridePlaceholderClosed

Bug #70821: FormEngine: Placeholder from LLL files not respected in TCAClosedDaniel Goerz

Bug #70878: FormEngine: Localize Button for inline elements not workingClosedMorton Jonuschat

Bug #70879: Creating inline elements in translated record failsClosed

Bug #70880: Translating inline elements is not possibleClosed

Bug #70956: Behavior of keepItems changedClosedMorton Jonuschat

Bug #70957: CE textmedia doesn't show correct palettes in media IRREClosedMorton Jonuschat

Bug #70972: translated CE with FAL-relation throws error within flexformClosed

Bug #70951: PHP Warning while calling renderForeignRecordHeaderClosed

Bug #69816: PageTS ignored for default language in selectorClosed

Bug #71002: Label of foreign table was not shown in case of irre and foreign_labelClosedStefan Froemken

Bug #71130: FormEngine inline: synchronize buttons shown on default language recordClosed

Bug #70306: Sys Category Selection does not work when adding new Sys CategoryClosed

Bug #70630: Can't select parent Category for Categories without parentClosed

Bug #71131: FormInlineAjaxController must not handle dangling childrenClosedSebastian Fischer

Task #71144: Move title rendering for formattedLabel_userFunc to TcaRecordTitle DataProviderClosedJan Helke

Bug #71182: Click event in flexform sections bubbles to action buttonsClosedAndreas Fernandez

Bug #71183: Flexform sections don't persist toggle stateClosedMathias Schreiber

Bug #62508: CE "Special Menus" > "pages for selected categories" does not show all nested categories (only 4 levels)ClosedTYPO3 Release Team

Bug #71257: renderType selecSingleBox shows Invalid Value ""Closed

Bug #71322: Flexform: section contents not saved on first saveClosedMorton Jonuschat

Bug #71193: isOnSymetricSide must be set by dataproviderClosedSebastian Fischer

Bug #71136: Inline children need additional state flagsClosedSebastian Fischer

Bug #71172: Improve rendering of flexform elementsClosedSebastian Fischer

Bug #71353: FormEngine: Inline titles and expand / collapseClosed

Bug #70918: Adding inline relations in FlexForms is brokenClosed

Bug #70859: IRRE fields in flexforms don't show existing recordsClosed

Bug #71436: Inline in flex with multiple DS failsClosed

Bug #40342: "Allowed excludefields" setting from XML flexforms uncomplete / wrong sectionClosed

Bug #70848: IRRE with language overlay failsClosedMathias Schreiber

Bug #71596: New Inline records can not be created in translated parent recordClosed

Bug #71323: Flexform: Removing section element with empty required field prevents form savingClosedFrank Naegler

Bug #71488: useCombination with foreign_selector has issues when retrieving / rendering dataClosedChristian Kuhn

Task #71656: RTE improve FE check for writeTemporaryFileClosedAndreas Allacher

Bug #71719: IRRE: child not found (only an issue without multiple childs possilbe) or combination child not found results in exceptionClosed

Bug #71712: 7 LTS: sys_file_reference IRRE elements not shown anymore in alternate languagesClosed

Bug #71725: multiple RTEsClosed

Bug #71624: Multiple RTEs behave incorrect, especially textstyle Closed

Bug #71824: displayCond FIELD can't operate on array valuesClosedMorton Jonuschat

Bug #71883: IRRE does not show correct label if foreign_label is set and the child table has a label_userfuncClosedMarkus Klein

Bug #72014: IRRE: Child records with validation issues avoid saving of main form, even when they are deletedClosedFrank Naegler

Bug #72510: Markers (e.g. ###REC_FIELD_sys_language_uid###) not replaced in flexforms foreign_table_where tagsClosed

Bug #72092: RTE element tsconfig wrong if negative pid value (new element below other)Closed

Bug #73501: Translation Diff View in FormEngine does not highlight changesClosedFrank Naegler

Bug #73604: Nested localizations in page module get wrong language pointersClosed

Bug #74330: Endless loop in TcaInline form data providerClosed

Bug #73425: t3editor does not always initializeClosed

Bug #73146: Permissions for inline records are not checkedClosed

Bug #73125: 500 Error in GroupElement.php due to group db fields in flexform containersClosedFrank Naegler

Bug #72961: TCA: using renderMode = tree, the treeConfig => rootUid can't get substituted with Page TSconfigClosed

Bug #72101: pages language overlay should not show flexform value of default languageClosedMarc Neuhaus

Bug #69750: TCA select tree does not save stateClosed

Bug #70288: Eval int required check allows 0Closed

Bug #70375: PHP Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in .../typo3/sysext/backend/Classes/Form/InlineRelatedRecordResolver.php line 233Closed

Bug #70667: Fix handling of static items in TCA selectTree fieldsClosed

Bug #71619: FAL relation with min=1, max=1 not deletableClosed

Bug #72106: Flexform : category tree values in a section are not loadedClosed

Bug #72307: Flexform displayCond not evaluated correctly when not in first sheetClosed

Bug #72379: Show button 'add image' after delete inline failsClosedFrank Naegler

Bug #73165: TCA Group field filters do not get called for translated items in element browserClosedMathias Brodala

Bug #74123: RTE with useOrOverridePlaceholder set to null freezes window on loadClosed

Bug #73209: PAGE_TSCONFIG_ID not working anymore in TYPO3 9.5.xClosed

Bug #75606: Override label of a flexform field with pageTSconfig not possible anymoreClosed

Bug #75647: hardcoded "hidden" col in backend/form creates wrong SQLClosed

Bug #75577: TCA selicon_field feature does not work anymoreClosed

Bug #75646: displaycond not working WITHIN flexform sectionsClosed

Bug #75833: FAL in Flexforms fail, when compatibility6 is installedClosed

Bug #73359: backend_layout Selected Icon missingClosed

Bug #75943: Returned value from "form field wizard" in flexform is not stored in database, when compatibility6 is installedClosed

Bug #71728: Expand state for useCombination child has to be the same as for the main child (without ajax)ClosedAndreas Allacher

Bug #65355: Combination of Wizards looks a little bit uglyClosed

Bug #76232: IconFactory::getIconForRecord() throws an exception in some cases (contrary to former feedback)ClosedPetra Arentzen

Bug #76360: Inline records closed after first saveClosed

Bug #74506: Page TSConfig not parsed / added to BackendUserAuthentication if processing inline request (record/inline/create)Closed

Bug #73580: renderType = selectTree looks odd and missing translationClosed

Bug #76616: Preview of collapse flexform sections become huge when large texts / RTE fields are presentClosed

Bug #76745: TCA: defaultExtras configuration is ignored when RTE is placed inside a paletteClosedChristian Kuhn

Bug #76818: FAL:TCA maxitems 1 and minitems 1 not workingClosed

Bug #76668: Escaping bug for TCA select itemsClosed

Bug #76888: ###CURRENT_PID### in foreign_table_where of Flexforms always result in 0Closed

Bug #77287: 'eval' => 'null' field stays disabled in 7.6.10ClosedFrank Naegler

Bug #77294: Backend form engine (inline,tt_content) CType=table wizard crashes on closingClosed

Bug #76863: MM Relation with selectMultipleSideBySide Field - Add wizard resets the MM RelationClosedThomas Hohn

Bug #77435: IRRE throws exception if related record is deletedAccepted

Bug #77615: _STORAGE_PID not replaced in FlexformRejected

Bug #76918: selectMultipleSideBySide can't handle multiple selections with multiple set to true, if it's using items or itemsProcFuncClosed

Bug #78158: TcaFlexFetch::initializeDataStructure should not throw an exceptionClosed

Bug #76513: diff-view not working for categories if default changesRejected

Bug #77075: Icon rendering for custom permission optionsClosedBenjamin Serfhos

Bug #77257: The selection of a selectbox with the l10n_display type of defaultAsReadonly in TCA is wrong for a localized recordClosed

Bug #77729: Save Button must be disabled until formengine form is fully loadedClosed

Bug #78381: Custom select renderTypes use TcaSelectItemsClosed

Bug #78558: Suggest wizard does not initialize correctly in flex form sectionsClosed

Bug #78628: selectTree pageTsConfig addItems brokenClosed

Bug #78747: pageTsConfig addItems still brokenClosed

Bug #78852: Opening be_groups records may throw exceptionClosed

Bug #79101: InvalidPointerFieldValueException needs to be caughtClosed

Bug #79181: Icons added with Page TS doesn't workClosed

Bug #79434: Hooks do not get full or partial record from FormEngineClosed

Bug #79433: flux containers do not work anymore / type=array + section=1Needs Feedback

Bug #79574: Suggest wizard in flexform brokenClosedChristian Kuhn

Bug #79750: Remove non existing fields in ListOfFieldsContainerClosed

Task #80100: Bypass fetch of database record if already loadedClosedXavier Perseguers

Bug #80222: Flexform Section with FAL Typo3 8.6Closed

Bug #80481: FormEngine.Validation may access DOM too earlyClosedMarkus Klein

Bug #80632: still issues with missing input in BEClosed

Bug #80672: Saving problems in Chrome 57+Closed

Bug #80699: Inline elements with foreign TCA relation to another table should load relations before saving recordNeeds Feedback

Bug #80825: FlexForm Sections don't get saved before the parent record was stored to the DBClosedChristian Kuhn

Bug #80855: IRRE: "Localize all records" and "Synchronize with default language" not working anymoreClosed

Bug #81485: FormEngine error message does not show the real reason why a field can't be shownClosedMarkus Klein

Bug #82461: Backend/TCA: fieldControl->addRecord removes old relations after creating an new entry in the foreign table for the new relation Closed

Bug #82881: Wrong page uid given to getDefaultUploadFolder for InlineControlContainerClosedTorben Hansen

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Task #69568: The FormEngine is dead, long live the FormEngine Closed 2015-09-06
Related to TYPO3 Core - Story #69712: Further FormEngine development New 2011-12-01
Related to TYPO3 Core - Task #77815: Show preview image instead of json string if imageManipulation field is readonly Accepted 2016-09-02
Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #79508: SelectIcon rendering does not fit in screen Closed 2017-01-26
Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #79573: Textareas in Formengine contain too many lines Closed 2017-01-31


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